Important Change In Service Announcement

We here at want to inform you that we are transitioning our domain to focus on our mail services and will be moving the domain to With this change will come a change to your email address, as it will now end in

We ask that you please backup your account information prior to this transition occurring this weekend. To backup your account you may save a file version to your computer from your chosen mail client.

For Outlook please use the following link from Microsoft Support on creating a .pst file

For Mac Mail you may Export a mailbox as an .mbox file with the following link

If you do not already have a mail client you may download Mozilla Thunderbird as a Free Option

Then use the following directions to backup your Thunderbird Profile

If your account is not currently linked to a email client please refer to our support page for how to connect your account to one of the above desktop mail clients.

In addition to saving your account information we also ask that you please inform any services connected to your email account of your address change. So they may update your records to include the new domain

After this Friday 10/19/18 you will login to the new domain by visiting you will still be able to access your address for 30 days to review any content or information by logging into

After 10/19/18 you will also need to update any linked mobile devices or mail clients to reflect your new email/username that ends in

Please use the following link on how to update your username in your settings

For additional guidance please visit our support page where you may submit a ticket or chat with an agent.

If your alternate email has changed please update your contact information by logging into your “My Account” section and updating your Email Field under your Customer Info tab.

We appreciate your support and patience during this transition and are here to help should you have any questions.


Thank you,

The Support Team

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